Thursday, 23 March 2017


Good morning!
It’s THURSDAY and as promised I am here with a PLAID inspiration. Before that, I want to share a good news with you… I am now the EXCLUSIVE DESIGNER for PLAID at CRAFTERS CORNER and I will be here every Thursday with a different product highlight, tutorial and projects using PLAID products. Isn’t that exciting and if that is not enough I have something more to add to the excitement…which I will reveal at the END OF THE POST.
So let’s start with the Product for today…It’s the MODGE PODGE MOD MELTER and MELT STICKS.
This new melter from Plaid has a unique design and body. It has a built in stand and a silicon body for easy grip and also has a trigger on the top which enables easy flow of the melted wax on pressing!

The unique design enables you to hold the melter nozzle down and at the same time press the trigger on top. Its as easy as that.

I have used the MILK GLASS WHITE melt sticks for this project.

 The stick needs to be inserted while the melter is ON and after 5mins you can see the was oozing out and you are ready to start. I took out all the silicon molds that I had and started filling them.
Here I have inserted a few brads immediately after the wax is squeezed, this way the brad gets a hold into the wax and is securely fixed! Isn’t that a great way to make your own CUSTOM BRADS!

As always there are sticky issues when you handle waxes and you can see a lot of drippage on the mat. 
But look closely and I have used the SILICON CRAFT MAT too from Modge Podge and removing these sticky residues is childs play. Just pull it off!
Here are all the molds filled up with milky white melts…
After 5mins of cooling down, it is an easy pull from the mold and here is how all of them look together. 
I am loving pure white look…given a choice, I would love to leave them like this but I thought I will experiment in the coloring too…not restricting myself only to acrylics.
Here I have used ALCHOHOL INKS to color…
I just poured a few drops directly on top and just gave a swirl and let it dry naturally. I like the natural shading of light and dark tones of the alcohol inks!
Here I have used FOLK ART acrylic paints and have also done some 2 tomes and shading. These are bright and colorful.
Here too I have used the acrylics but as wash and given a distressed look. You know by now how much I love this effect.
BUT my personal favorite is using the CHALK PAINTS to give and antique and vintage look.
 Have a look at these aged, by gone findings…I mean, they look priceless!

So let me know which style of coloring is your fancy? There are still a lot more which I have not colored and would like to use them just as is or I don’t know…lets see( wink, wink).

Here are the finished projects with these colored ones….
I made a few fridge magnets and also a little one with a paper clip to hold tiny paper scraps. I am always looking for paper bits to write drown my grocery list, lol! 
This is sure going to help me.

I also made a pair of VINTAGE PAPER CLIPS for my Journals. I love making those.
And here I made a neck piece for my little princess…she is growing up and I thought I will make something other than the girlie pink, lol!
 And finally the brads…ready to hit any of my projects. So handy these are!
These magnets do add color to my fridge…how I wish I had a white one!

So lovelies, that brings us to the end of this product highlight.Do let me know if you have any queries relating to this product and I will get back to you asap.

These are just few of my inspirations, I am sure you may have some different ideas with these.
I urge you all to try this product and share your makes and inspiration using THE PRODUCT OF THE WEEK, the modge melts. You can then share all your makes with #playwithplaid until next Thursday.
Isn't that exciting, I told you I had another one at the end of the post. So come on...get your melter out and lets see the creations.
Next week I will see you with another product highlight .

Until my next crative journey,
Happy crafting and recycling,


Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pens

Hi friends, Dr Sonia here and it gives me great pleasure to write a post on the amazing Kuretake Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pens .
As you know when Shalini brings a product series  to Crafters Corner, you can be assured she is bringing you a top quality product and  she goes all the way to get it to you at fabulous competitive prices!
These amazing pens are all the rage in the paper-crafting industry and I am sure so many of you will be thrilled to know that Crafters Corner now stocks Kuretake Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pens in different sets to suit your budget.
Kuretake Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pens  
And if you use the coupon codes on the website you can grab these for even more discounted rates!

Okay for those of you who don't know what I am raving goes a brief intro:
What are Kuretake Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pens ?
These are watercolor pens with tips in an actual brush format and the brush is of such high quality that you can get fine lines as well as broad brush strokes.
Why are they so popular in the paper-crafting industry?
  • They are one of the easiest ways to color stamped images
  • Fine tip allows you to color even small stamped images easily
  • Vibrant color palette
  • Easy to blend colors
  • You can create beautiful projects with just a few colors
  • Learning to use them is much much easier compared to copics
  • Amazing range of colors  with fabulous shades of grey and brown especially useful to color cute animals .
  • Very  high quality- these pens don't leak , brushes stay good  even with rough use and the pens as such last a long long time !
Materials required to effectively use Kuretake Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pens
  • Paper : These pens work best on water color paper. If you are impatient and try them on normal card-stock the whole charm of these pens will evade you!
    Watercolor papers
I have tried the  Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pens on 
Canson Montval and Brustro both of which gave similar results . I also tried it on a local Watercolor paper I picked up from a local stationary shop.It was  by Shipra and though made in India it was a tad  expensive; but the paper is acid free, recycled and had a lovely texturing which was surprisingly easy to watercolor even for an amateur such as myself. The Scrapberry Bunny in this card was colored on the Shipra paper

Though the Kuretake Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pens  can be used on their own to color the charm of the pens can be best appreciated if you use water with them either using a normal brush or a waterbrush .
The Koi waterbrush seems to be very popular with crafters but somehow I never could get it to work for me . I started enjoying water-coloring only after I got a waterbrush from cosmic shimmer[ from creative expressions] and though many crafters use regular paintbrushes to add water I somehow have better control with the waterbrush
So the important thing is dont give up if something doesnt work for you...keep trying to find out what clicks for you!
 Ink /water mixing surface

There are many ways to apply Kuretake Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pens  to your image ....
  • you can directly brush on the watercolor from the pen
  • you can smear ink from the pen onto a craft mat/ acrylic block or water color palette/or any plastic piece and use a brush to apply more controlled amount of ink onto your paper
  • you can touch tips of the pens to blend two colors and use one pen to color the image!
Paper towel

I just have to mention this as a tissue paper/ paper towel is indispensable while watercoloring with these pens.
You can use it to wipe your waterbrush tips to remove a bit of ink or use it directly to lift pigment off your colored image while the paper is wet !
Using Kuretake Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pens 
There are beautiful videos by experts in coloring on how to use Zigs in rather elaborate ways to achieve fabulous results.
I will share with you tips on how to use just the minimum of supplies[ meaning a limited palette], with the least effort and time to get lovely colored images!
Tip 1 : When you are starting with Zigs start with a large flower image...these are the easiest to color and get good results without a lot of effort!
Here I have used a Penny Black Cling Rubber Stamp called "Sweet Dahlia"

Tip 2 : the tricky thing about water-coloring is controlling the flow of colors.Heat embossing your image in a vibrant gold or other striking color allows you to let your color pool in areas and work your way more easily!

 Tip 3 : Start using just a single color  as you don't have to worry about perfectly blending colors!Here I used  "Pink" Zigs Brush pens and used the water brush to achieve the gradient shading of color.

Tip 4 : Let the lines of the stamped image guide you in deciding where the color needs to be the darkest.Mind you I am no coloring expert and I don't have the patience to sit hours coloring but even I could create beautiful vibrant flowers in minutes!

Tip 5 : White Embossed Images are more tricky to color as its difficult to see where the lines are! So once your confidence builds then plunge into coloring white embossed images but the vibrancy of zig colors looks so good against the white background that most mistakes are muted! The flower below was also colored using a single color!

Tip 6 : Is a mini step by step

 Apply a dark color to the base of the petals or other area where you want the color to be the darkest. Just apply a thin line of color.

Dont let it dry but bring your water-brush into the are and go over the whole line first.

Then pull the colors outwards to easily achieve a beautiful gradient shading of your flower petal! If you feel the colors are dark as you pull the brush...wipe the brush on the back of your hand [ a paper towel will remove more ink so I prefer the back of my hand!] and continue pulling ink outwards!
Tip 7 : Easily create background washes using different zig colors. Either use the pens to blend into each other or use a brush pen to pull colors into each other. A background such as this with texturing is perfect to hone your skills in blending 2 or 3 colors as the blending need not be perfect to give gorgeous results!

Here I used Scarlet red [ yes it looks like orange] on the Dahlia and a blend of fluorescent yellow and green on the background .

Tip 8 : Watercoloring an image stamped in normal black ink [ use a waterproof ink such as Versafine] will be frustrating when you begin using watercolors for the first time as the colors may bleed and smudge into areas you didn't want it to !

 As you can see the accidental creation of a bit of "green" by the yellow and blue mixing in the center of my dahlia!
So if coloring simple stamped images frustrate you switch to embossed images till you get better control over the brushes.

 I hope the tips I have shared for crafters starting with Zigs will be useful.
Sharing a few more images to show just how amazing these brush pens are!

Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pens are simply amazing to color cute animals as there are beautiful shades of grey and brown and face colors to achieve the perfect shading!

The hedgehog from Penny Black " critters in love" was so easy to color!

The cute little mice are also from the same stamp set and here you can see just how lovely the shades of brown and grey are.

I was able to achieve a lovely fur effect using stippling with several shades of grey colors!

The best thing about zig brush pens is that you can really layer on the colors if you are in the mood for some in depth coloring or just quickly whip up a batch using single color shades!!

  The 3 images of the little mice holding hands were all achieved using single color shades!

I have the 80 set and what I love especially about it are the dozen shades of greys alone! The browns are also cool. The only "I wish..." is I wish they had more shades of red!

Here is love from a hedgie I took some time to color using many shades of grey and a single shade of red to achieve a 2 tone look to the cartload of hearts !!

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into Kuretake Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pens  !!
I will be sharing more in depth posts and proper coloring videos in the coming weeks.
Supplies : All available at Crafters Corner
Stamping Supplies :  
Versafine Black Ink
Penny Black Cling Rubber Stamp  "Sweet Dahlia"

Monday, 20 March 2017

The Baby Projects

Good morning, everyone! Welcome to Crafters Corner blog.
I hope you had a splendid weekend…I just returned from a small weekend myself …and what better way to return than with a cute project share? Today, I have a gorgeous baby theme project to share with you. Here’s a look at my 4 completed baby projects:  

So, I am not going to bore you with every detail. Just going to give you the basic idea and few tutorial pics. I mainly used Kaisercraft peek a boo collection papers, and for embellishments are as usual like flowers, miniaure metal charm, stickers were the paper, laces, ribbon etc.

I really enjoy how this project came out. I think it is very pretty, fanciful and fun, just like a project about these silly sweet and beautiful gifts for our kiddos.
Let start one by one
1. Mini baby room 


I really like using Mount board as it is so easy to work with
Mount board: This Neutral Mount Board is a must have for all kinds of scrapbooks and 3D shadow boxes.. You can create any size of shadow box with the help of the same. It is best to be used for the back of mixed media layouts. 

Its 2000 gsm strength makes it very special . 

I Just simply cut 4 piecse as for my design, and i sticks together with Aleene's glue and you can use stick pins in it to secure it while it dries and use masking tape. 


And i start decorate with papers, lace etc

White color or soft color laces design are perfect for baby theme project

Middle of the room wall i added the lined designed paper ( i dont no proper name of this particular paper)    


In fact, I liked how these corner legs looked so much that I added it 4 edge.


This Prima Acrylic color gives very soft pink shade.


Then arrange the miniatures, How easy this project, is it? 

2. Gift box  
This box I made using Graphic 45 Book Box covered with same pattern paper from kaisercraft

I painted all the edges of box with white gesso

Glue the design papers inside and out side, and if we add lace, its get more decorative

Adding emplishments, flowers etc 

This is the perfect and easy project for gift purpose :-)

3. Shadow box  
I really love to create shadow boxes and altered art…so here is my take on a baby boy room 

I painted whole box with mix of acrylic and gesso
white and blue acrylic + white gesso

These are my few lace collections which used in this project.

Adhere paper to box, added laces, fussy cut images, flowers, miniature metal charms, resin frames etc 


4. Mini Album 
I am normally doing mixed media, altered art, miniature but I really enjoying learning album making myself. I dont have tutorial pic of this next time i will share my experience in album   

Want to try these projects out? 
Visit Crafters Corner and order online today

Thank you for having a peek & have a great day…
Supplies Used: