Sunday, 28 August 2016

Going 3 D with Die Cutting!

         Hi friends, Dr Sonia here with Technique Tutorials on something I loooove - Dies!!!
 I am often asked about what are the basic "to buy" dies! Apart from what most crafters are attracted to like flowers,leaves, butterflies,  alphas set etc ....a Nesting die set is absolutely essential!!
         One of the most popular type of nesting dies are the  Spellbinders Labels series....Spellbinders have a huge number of nesting dies in basic shapes in the Labels series and if you buy die sets with the same number...they will match perfectly! eg the Spellbinders Labels 8 works perfectly with the Spellbinders Decorative Labels 8

Here are some of the fun things you can create with  any Nesting type of die set
  • create layers on card
  • create frames
  • easily make shaker cards
  • create simple window cards
  • create simple tags
In this post I will show you the technique of partial diecutting and how you can use it to create a 3 D item such as a Purse.
Also will show you how you can create 3 D diorama Cards using dies.
I have purposely limited myself to using just the Spellbinders Labels 8 set just to show you how you can get the maximum from your supplies!
Many of you know I make gifts for my daughter's teachers every year for Teachers Day and this year we are making these cute Purses as Teacher's Day gifts.

The purses are made of sturdy card stock using just the Spellbinders Labels 8 Die!I made a handle using strings of silver pearls for this one!The rose is handmade using the Spellbinders Rose creations die.

The purse flap is held closed by strong Neodymium magnets and can hold gifts like a mini album , sweets, notebooks , cards , jewelry etc.

3 D Paper Purse  Tutorial 
This is an extremely detailed Tutorial but necessary to explain all the techniques and designing process!! So if you dont have time to read it all just pin it/ bookmark it and come back later!!
To Make the Back and Flap of the Purse
One technique anybody with a die cutting machine should explore is partial die can really get value for money if you use this technique....for example you can extend a square die to cut a rectangle and vice versa.
Partial die cutting can be tricky and frustrating in the first go so I will share some important tips which help me!

For this project I let the top part of the cutting plate reach only upto the center of my Spellbinders Labels die.
You can use any die you think will work for a purse shape .
  • Partial die cutting Tip 1: Always keep a spare  pair of  cutting plates with you. Not only will it come in handy when your cutting plate breaks out of the blue but for techniques such as partial die is so much easier if you have a nice flat cutting plate instead of your "super used" bent ones

  • Partial Die Cutting Tip 2 : Apply firm pressure on the end of the cutting plate- die sandwich with your fingers as you are rolling your sandwich into the machine so as to avoid shifting of the die/ cutting plate and paper.

The picture above shows the partial die cut obtained thence. Snip off the excess paper shown lifted up in the picture above.
Score your card I have placed the die cut snugly against the score board and scored at 2 inches and 2 and 3/4 inches. I wanted my purse to be 3/4 inch wide so only I used the 3/4inch measurement.

Now place the die with its end reaching slightly beyond the 2 and 3/4inch score line as shown below.Your top cutting plate should reach up to the scoreline

  • Partial die cutting Tip 3 : In partial die cutting , keep the part you dont want to cut  away from the  roller of your die cutting machine...this way there is less chance of the die / cutting plates to shift as you roll the machine.What I mean is dont put the part you want to partial die cut first into the machine as you roll....if you do it that way the sandwich  is more likely shift!

Snip off the excess and don't obsess about the slightly off alignment...believe me it will hardly be noticeable in your final outcome. 
Your  back , top and front flap of your purse is now ready....! And all from just one piece of card!!Isn't it cool

Make the front of your purse

Use the same die you used earlier and snip off 1/4 inch or so so as to create a straight edge.

Punch or die cut a small opening  on this straight edge. This opening makes it easy to insert and take things from your purse.

You can use partial die cutting techniques here too. In the picture above I have used the Tim Holtz ruler to find the exact center of my die dont have to really take out a ruler and find the exact center but just eyeball it but sometimes I like to indulge my obsessive compulsive perfectionism nature!!LOL!!
Design the inside of your Purse
You need to make a box open at the top.

When constructing purses/boxes form diecuts/ hand cut shapes you can design the size by measuring the width and length of your die-cut and subtracting a margin of 1/4 inches .
Based on the shape of the Spellbinders Labels 8 I designed a box measuring 5 x 2.5inches with a width of 3/4 inches[already decided earlier and reflected in the top flap I cut for the purse earlier too]

So that translated into a piece of card measuring 6 .5 x 5 and 3/4 inch scored 3/4 inch from either end on the 6.5inch side and scored at 2.5 and 3 and 1/4 at the  5 and 3/4 side.

Box making tips

  1. It is easier to decorate  the box sides before you assemble it.
  2. Snipping off wedges to create gluing tabs always gives a neater finish.
  3. And fold your score lines in opposite directions to loose them up a bit!

For this construction I would advise you to use a liquid glue than tacky tape as you need to be able to wiggle the pieces around a bit to get the perfect alignment!

Now all 3 pieces are ready....just glue the box onto the back of  the purse and stick on your front piece

You can design fun closures using velcro or magnets.
If using strong magnets like the ones shown below ,stick one magnet inside your box and the other one on your flap so that there is a piece of card separating the 2 magnets.... as otherwise these magnets are super strong and difficult to pry apart!

I punched holes on the top of the purse, inserted eyelets  and threaded pearl strings to create the handle of my Paper purse!

For the  animal print purse I made a handle using ribbon I folded in half and stitched for additional strength.

Creating 3 D Diorama Cards

Who doesnt love cute 3 D cards? Here I will show you how easy it is to make cute mini shadowbox cards using the same Spellbinders die I used to make the purse.

You need 2 die cuts....shown here the Spellbinders Labels 8 again. Score 2 lines 1/2 inch apart on either end of your diecuts.

Die cut a window on one of your diecuts-- this will form the front of your diorama card

Optionally dress up your card front with inks and  stencils

I am still obsessed with stencils so used texture paste and the TCW Microbial Stencil to create faux snowfall!!

Fold up the scored lines on your die cuts [If you are confused how to do it , you can read more details on my blog:  Mini Diorama Card Tutorial ]
Stamp/doodle /use pattern paper to decorate the back of your car.

Stick die cut borders or a simple piece of card [to which you can add stamped elements or stickers ]on the 2 shelves formed on the sides of your folded die cut.

Stick the front and back die cuts together sandwiching your diorama elements in between and your 3 D Diorama Card is done!

This Christmas scene card features glittery snowflakes and a stamped rudolph peeking out!

These Mini Dioramas are perfect to use up  stickers or showcase  small stamped images

I hope you enjoyed both the ideas using the same Die set.
List of Supplies : Available at Crafters Corner
Dies : Spellbinders Labels 8 ,Spellbinders Rose creations die ,  Cheery Lynn Rose Leaf Strip, Memory Box Frostyville border
Inks and Media : Distress Inks  , Ranger Texture Paste
The Crafters Workshop  Microbial Stencil
Martha Stewart Scoreboard
Big Shot Cutting Pads

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Tiny Bottles Candle decor

Hi you lovely crafters! 
Suzna here, I wanted to show you (just in case you hadn’t seen it yet) my cute small bottles with candles.

This isn’t the only way to do it, maybe it’s not even the you should do it. But I wanted to share my process and help you create something you can build on. This is for beginners, so if you’ve been painting for a while already it might not quench enough of your creative ability. It’s prefect for those that want to get started mixed media but are not sure where to start.

I have used Prima Marketing, Lindy's stamp gang mists and Colorarte products in this video, but any brand, any color combination will be fine to use. Click below to watch the video and you can paint along with me in real time

Supplies Used

Lindy's Stamp Gang Starburst Mist - Freaky Franken Lime
Lindy's Mist - Marigold Yellow Orange
Lindy's Starburst Mist - Ramblin Rose Pink
Vintage Micro Roses Combo
Green Leaf String

I hope you all enjoyed my mixed media bottles..  

We’ll see.. Have a creative day!!

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Foiling all the way!

 Hello everyone! How are you all doing?
Im back with a brand new post for all of you. Well my latest obsession is Foil! I love it! It just adds the perfect bling to any project! I'm going to share few ways of using foils so lets get started!

The easiest way to add foil is using a Minc Machine! You can print out your designs using a Laser printer. You can also get designs printed from local printing shops and add foil to them.

The minc machine comes with few pre printed pieces for you to use. All you have to do is - switch on the machine, press the golden button and press it till the light moves front of no.2 once it changes from red to green means the machine has heated and is ready for your use. Place your paper in the plastic folder add the foil on top - make sure its always shiny side up no matter what method of foiling you are using. 

Feed it into the machine 

the rollers push the folder out of the machine 

And voila its done! 

The next way is using double sided adhesive sheets. Ive used Elisabeth Crafts adhesive sheets for today's tutorial. 

Peel off one layer of the non stick sheet from the adhesive sheet  

Place it on top of your cardstock and burnish well. 

Next you can die cut or use directly as you like. 

Peel off the top layer from the die cut 
Add your foil and burnish well

As you remove the foil you'll see your piece is ready!

Foiling die cuts has never been this easy!!


Cut a piece of paper and add the tacky tape is any design you like. You can make stripes, checks, horizontal stripes and much more!

Next i've used 2 colours of the foils here for the background 

Just place your foil and rub slightly and peel off and you are done! 

Here's a card i created using the background we just created! The flowers and leaves used in this project are made from the Prima adhesive rub-ons Keep reading i've shared the tute for those :)

This is a great way of using foil for your stamps! The effects can vary depending on the papers you use for this effect! 
I've selected this drops stamp for this demo 

Stamp it to the cardstock using Versa mark ink 

Add the sticky embossing powder to it 

And heat set it. Place your foil as soon as you heat set it. You need to work very quickly in this method cause the foil will not adhere if the melted powder is not hot enough!


Take a piece of carstock, cut the design from the sheet you like , peel it and press it to your cardstock 

The sheet comes with a wooden stick use it for burnishing your design. You will notice the colour of the rub on will change once it is properly adhered to your base. 

Peel of the plastic sheet and add your foil sheet 

Burnish the foil using the same stick 

Peel it off and you are done!

Here's a card i made using the rub ons!

And here's another one! 

Hope you all enjoyed today's post!
Feel free to ask any questions you like!

Anchal Sapra